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Celine A. Shaw

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General Info

NameCeline A. Shaw
Telephone #6502857649
Date of Birth 9/21/2000
LocationPalo Alto, United States
CitizenshipUnited States
CoachDewi Shaw
Will relocate?yes
Wants to compete...

Pairs at the level(s):


Dance at the level(s):

Physical Info

Height5'5"  /  165 cm
Weight110 lbs  /  49 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Jump DirectionClockwise

Compulsory DanceIntermediate II
Short Answers
Q: What are your skating goals, both short-term and long-term?
Short-term goal: Compete on the national level and achieve my best artistry and technique. Develop myself in competitive character and diligence while nurturing a natural instinct and passion for skate.

Long-term goal: skate with meaning, be renown and accomplished enough to inspire others to skate as well.
Q: What qualities do you possess that would make you a good partner?
Flexibility is good. My favorite thing to hold is a spiral and moves where I swing my legs up into the air.

On the ice I become a completely different person, I have more a regal and majestic appeal. I’m also quiet on the ice, contrasted to how I engage a bit more in conversation off the ice.

Favorite Spins: Jump into camel into scratch, Bielman

Favorite Jumps: Jump split or salchow.

I love intricate dance skate footwork, I pay a lot of detail to arm movements but am focusing more on footwork

Natural talent for skate, fast learner, a dancer’s figure (slender/athletic), soft and artistic fingers, charisma, a good smile, strong musicality, kinesthetic learner, ballerina, good at acting, culturally well-rounded, hyper-feminine appeal and unique sense of styles developed, high creativity for choreography, good at improv.

I value focus and those with grit, I’m confident, hard working, have high expectations of myself and others, energetic, encouraging, strong growth-mindset, self-aware, patient, cheerful, really values harmony and is good at teamwork and blending individual characteristics together, highly competitive and ambitious, highly self-disciplined, won’t ever give up, persistent, I really value humility, optimistic but realistic, mixed media. I have an attitude where I do whatever it takes to achieve my goals when I am given the opportunity. Good character is very important to me.

I consider myself well-read and full of interesting knowledge, so more than an ice dancing partner it’s likely that if we connect intellectually and artistically we will be able to achieve performances that command the entire stage. Having a strong personality reflects in my performance. It’s like having a story to tell. And while this has nothing to do with actual relationship, I am interested in Victorian literature all the way to fantasy and sort of Oriental traditions, I capture certain sensualities and dynamicists quite well. My artistry is strong and I have good taste in style and music.

Not to mention an interest in the natural sciences and technology, I’m always looking for innovative ways to tweak performances and stand out, I adore physics and mathematics and find beauty in understanding how I can contort my body to outdo my performance not only through training but by understanding the science behind the arts. I study physiology and the human body on my own time and try to develop my own understanding of how I can do better.
Extra comments:
Music I like: Valse Sentimental on Piano - Tchaikovsky, A Million Dreams, Un Sopspiro- Lizst, Wieniawski’s Polonaises, The Swan on Cello or Viola, Never Enough, kind of rare but The Little Mermaid. Good Music is very important to me, this is one of my top priorities when thinking about skate.

Ballets: La Sylphide, Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, Pull these into some of the characters I develop on ice.

Favorite Subjects: Mythology (Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Celtic, really any type) Philosophy, Materials Science/Nanotechnology, Computer Science, Art, History, Biology, Medicine, Physics, Geometry, 3d printing, animals, biblical topics.

Choreography ideas: that’s more modern/sharp, and one that’s a little more classical based on Sylphs and nobility a classical ballet, maybe something jazzy and charming, stylish really, and something that’s elemental like water. I really want to extrude all individual charms.

Skaters I was inspired by: Yuna Kim, Nathan Chen, Jeffrey Chen, Karen Chen, Hanyƫ, Plushenko. Mostly technique and artistry.

Favorite Colors: I wear black a lot, I keep my wardrobe simple and elegant by sticking with pieces that are well-tailored and subtle. The color that flatters me the most is red. My favorite color is a deep blue, I like it because it reminds me of the deep ocean or space. I also like white because it reminds me of pure snow. I think my eye for colors could help with costumes. I’m a fan of both modernism and traditional, even haute couture. Modern would be maybe something more bold and minimal, like a international spy duo. Black and striking, a little seductive. Traditional we could pull from other sports, like maybe ballet inspired costumes or Chinese dance with fans or water sleeves, perhaps wooden bamboo swords. Personally I think black looks best on the ice, however with the right palettes the styles of skate we perform are really endless.

Animals: I like cats a lot, however I am fascinated by marine biology and ocean life. I would love to do a routine that is inspired by animals, perhaps like a bird of paradise, or flowers like red camellias, or something beautiful and elegant with a pair of swans, or something a little bit more dynamic like a spider’s tarantella.

Books: I like books on Biomimicry, sci fi, Shakespeare, biographies, Greek myth/legends, fantasy, The Odyssey, The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, Thumbelina, Diamond Age, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, The Crucible, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle, The Bible. I read a lot of science books, though when I was younger I was obsessed with mermaids/fairies. I’m interested in things like Ancient Egypt and more historical things now, poetry, even horror/goth. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. Ineffable stories can impact a skater’s artistry.

Prerequisites for Partner: Would like a partner who is taller than me, has a similar body frame as me/confident in his physical presence and appearance, has similar technical/artistic ability as me, is ambitious and hardworking, persistent, well-mannered, punctual, has good taste in visual style and art, trustworthy and passionate about skate. We have to look good together, and when we skate it should feel natural so communication is really important to me. It’s important to me that my partner has a good amount of confidence and humility, and is quieter and tactful in nature. I believe everyone is capable of choosing to have these qualities. While good character is important I also think being realistic with physical boundaries is good for any competitive mindset.